How to Know If You Are in an Abusive Relationship?

Has this question ever been a concern? Have you ever found anyone else pointing it out to you? If yes, then it is possible that you might be in an abusive relationship. Based on research, there are a few indicators that you may want to check before you start worrying. Does your partner:

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1) Express excessive control just to protect you?
2) Blame you every time for their bad temperament?
3) Try to hide their insecurities behind superior acts?
4) Hint that they can harm you to control you (even if they don't really)?
5) Try to isolate you to themselves; creating a distance between you and your family or friends?
6) Express jealousy towards your friends of opposite sex?
7) Stop you from interfering with finances of the family?
8) Show a typical lack of empathy?
9) Monitors your access and use of phones or other devices?
10) Plays the victim card all the time?
11) Show arrogance and is extremely demanding?
12) Abuse you or hit you?

All these signs prompt that you are definitely in an abusive relationship. Research tells that men, in general, have a more violent nature than women. However, this does not mean that they cannot be a victim themselves. It is a common misconception that only women can be subjected to abuse or violence in a relationship. This makes it even more difficult for men to accept or share their fate with their loved ones.

In our present society, individuals are rather shy in expressing about their abuse even with their closed ones. The notion of overlaying shame is evident in most of the cases. In addition, the whole abuse can lead them to think that they deserve it. They may think that they are either physically not attractive, not smart enough or have a bad nature. In severe cases, people go under a delusion that if not for their partner, no one will accept them.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to think about it clearly and believe in your intuition for once. If you are getting a feeling that something might not be right, you need to take a step back and think. You need to fight yourself and stop protecting your partner in your consciousness. You need to ask yourself whether your partner is really worth everything you are going through. Has anything changed from the time you had just started dating?

It is imperative that you must remove yourself from any relationship that is snatching away your general happiness. Know that you are worth loving and the person denying that might not be the one you should be spending your life with.